Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Byr David Yates

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release: 2009-07-15
  • Rate: PG
  • Lenght: 2h 33min
  • Director: David Yates
  • Producer: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Country: United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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Emboldened by the return of Lord Voldemort, the Death Eaters are wreaking havoc in both the Muggle and wizarding worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Dumbledore is intent upon preparing Harry for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching. He needs Harry to help him uncover a vital key to unlocking Voldemort's defenses--critical information known only to Hogwarts' former Potions Professor, Horace Slughorn. Meanwhile, teenage hormones rage across the ramparts as Harry's long friendship with Ginny Weasley is growing into something deeper. But standing in the way is Ginny's boyfriend, Dean Thomas, not to mention her big brother Ron. Ron's got romantic entanglements of his own to worry about, with Lavender Brown lavishing her affections on him, leaving Hermione simmering with jealousy yet determined not to show her feelings. One student, however, remains aloof with far more important matters on his mind. He is determined to make his mark, albeit a dark one.



  • Dark, sinister, flesh-eating entry in the franchise

    By Nicholas becerra
    In the unexpected doubts, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince wasn't my intent to see it because right after Order of the Phoenix which was descent enough to tell a big giant story filled to the brim with likable characters, over the top visuals and without a doubt wasn't nearly as conclusive as Prisoner of Akzaban. Either way Half-Blood Prince was nightmare inducing not because of the threating and imitiating Voldermont it's because Half-Blood Prince is about as dark, gut-retching and much better then I expected it to have, although this movie lacks the darkness from Akzaban but feels even more dark, sinister and far more as much a horror film than a child friendly Harry Potter flick, The movie centers around the incoming threat of Voldermont who is abound to threat Hogwartz, kill Harry Potter and the muggles and wizard people are still getting eaten by Death Eaters which is a shame that Harry and his friends embark on another adventure which captures sercets, threats and newcomers along the way. Half-Blood Prince is nearly heart pounding, turns a much more suited dark thrill ride with interesting visuals, a story that makes sense and a ending so shocking that will leave audiences with a normal animalistic rage and tissue wipping crying. I highly recommend Half-Blood it's personally my other favorite Harry Potter film and sure does set up another Potter battle creates tension throughout the main story which makes this molontone dark film so interesting and adrelinine rushing-8/10
  • My Fav Movie

    By GinnyLover1
    This movie is BY FAR my fav movie EVER!! I definitely recommend this movie to everyone, 5stars
  • I like it but we have some problems

    By Mallory❤️💛~
    Obviously the relationships in this movie were the biggest part of this movie.We saw a little of Tom Riddle’s backstory and little information on it as well. We didn’t really get as much anticipation of finding out about who the HBPWas, but in the books it’s exact opposite. If they wanted to focus on the relationships they should’ve least and a good job. Star kid, a non-canon franchise did a better job about Harry and Ginnys relationshipThey added things that were not necessary and they change things up which I was not a fan off, ron and lavender we’re OK but I don’t know.But this movie has some good parts to itCave scene with the Dumbledore and Harry was very good, and the 2 memories we got to see where pretty good, I just wish they did a better job at things.
  • it is okay

    By Jfl188
    The movie didint fallow the book at all I was really dissapontied with this one they should have just keeped the director of the first two movies to due this one I liked the action sceans but i hate how they keep cutting the dursleys out of the movies if anyone read the book they know that dumbuldor left picked harry up at his aunt and uncles and explanined why he had to leave him there in the first place and he explains alot of what happend that night That is why I am angery at whom ever wrote this movie I dont blame the actors or the director it is the write who screwed the movie up big time but it had a lot of grate action sceans I hope they make this up with the 7th movie we’re are the extended cuts of the movies guys only 1 and 2 has the cuts that are aired on tv
  • Worst one in the series

    By Suferdudefrank
    😡🤬😡🤬😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰 relationship drama
  • Good movie about an excellent dark Potter book

    By ace apertura
    This sequel is still a good movie about an excellent Harry Potter book. It departs in more ways from the book than previous movies did. Tthis is mostly understandable for length reasons, but some parts also decidedly give the opposite pitch now. All the scenes that don't quite make sense anymore are best read up in the original book instead. But it's still a fun movie with magical special effects that you'll like a lot. Especially if it's been a while since you read the book.
  • Best movie ever

    By 910428
    Best movie ever. Period
  • Great movie but....

    By EclipseSunandMoon
    When I watched this movie, I saw they really were only focusing on the romances between the characters, and not much on the whole epic plot and stuff. I mean, I think they are just trying to appeal to teens now cuz that what a lot of movies are doing nowadays? I mean, the film could’ve been better if you just left out all the romances between the characters because I was here for magical and wild adventures, not for a sappy romantic comedy movie!!! Other than that, HARRY AND DRACO SHOULD’VE GOT TOGETHER CUZ THEY BE A POWER COUPLE!!! Also, I saw they were adding a lot of details that were not in the book in the movie like that scene where Ginny and Harry are in the clock tower, now that’s my least favorite scene 🤢 But my most favorite scene was when Draco and Harry were fighting in the bathroom which now that I said it aloud, sounds wrong😂😂😂 Anyways, this review is getting too long already but that’s cuz I’m a die hard Harry Potter Fan!
  • Favorite one so far, also message for disappointed fans

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    Okay. So....yes this movie did leave out details and added in scenes. But that didn’t make it bad. Let me explain this to you guys who hate the movie. Movies almost always never stay completely true to the book. And for this series, it is impressive how they stick to most of it. And for books, you can add in a whole ton of stuff. But for movies, they have to remove details sometimes because pacing works differently here. It’s acceptable for books to contain an overwhelming amount of content, but for movies they have to not make it feel as though it drags on and moves slow as much as possible.
  • Boring

    By refael2004
    Honestly, first time I watched this, I fell asleep in middle. Second time, I told my friend to wake me up if he saw I was falling asleep. So that time I got through the whole thing. But it was just, so boring!!! Only two good scenes, the candy shop, and when Dombeldor dies. But in total it’s really boring. I give Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price, two and a half stars, and 49%