Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories

Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories

Byr Mike Shiley

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release: 2005-11-30
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 22min
  • Director: Mike Shiley
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99


Mike Shiley, an adventure traveler and filmmaker, decided to go to Iraq by himself to see what was really going on. Shiley, who previously spent a year in the Middle East, was upset with the way the media and the government focused on car bombs and press conferences. Shiley, with no media experience or political bent, struck a deal with his local ABC affiliate station in Portland, Oregon, to go to Iraq as a freelance journalist. He made a press pass at Kinko's, rented a used bulletproof vest, and cashed in frequent flyer miles to travel unarmed through Iraq for two months. After a 90-minute training, he joined a tank unit and helped patrol the Syrian border, where the unit engaged in a live fire operation. For his effort, he was awarded a civilian combat award by the Colonel of the 3rd ACR in Iraq (Ft. Carson, Colorado Springs). Shiley produced a very balanced 84-minute documentary film, called "Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories."


  • Get over it.

    By Anthony Allen
    You can pass judgement all you want on the war in either fronts. What these liberals depicts is so overly 1 sided you can not say you know whats going on in these countries. I have done my tour and plan to do many more. I don't have to explain why nor what I did. If you can't trust what we do is correct by standards of war, think about it. What are the standards? If you don't support or back us, try another countries government , if not man up and back this one instead of killing the moral of everyone in this one. Like someone said in past comments, join up if you want to know what happens. Stop passing judgement from your seat.
  • A complete waste of time.

    By KeithDunlop
    This isn't journalism -- it's self-serving anti-war propaganda. The production quality is amateurish, and film lacks any objective credibility. I can't believe I actually paid money for this.
  • If you want BIAS hand over your money!

    By YLXIX
    I read about this movie and the director in the paragraph above and thought I would be renting a movie that was hands on, insightful, and showed more than what the big media portrays. Oh well I was wrong. This movie is biased from the get go. It portrays everything the Military is trying to do in a bad light with the exception of one Soldier, a Major who is trying to win hearts and minds through work. I can't imagine all the good footage this guy got that ended up on the cutting room floor so he could use 18 year old NG kids talking about having sex, and "haji", etc. to make the US Military and Govt. look bad. I wanted a movie that fairly showed both the good and the bad and this failed horribly. If you lean left and you want to be fed what you already believe in your head to be true then rent this miserable attempt at a "documentary". If you want to actually learn something about the difficult situation that is the Iraq war then ABSOLUTELY go elsewhere!
  • In the mood for a heaping serving of self-righteousness?

    By kendall0422
    You've come to the right place.
  • Whiny Hippie

    By RLTW0708
    Never taken the time to write a review, but this was a truly terrible film. I've served 2 tours in Iraq... This guy is just a whiny hippie with nothing better to do. Don't wase your time. If you really want to know what Iraq is like, sack up and join the military.
  • Not so great.

    By ITBrian43
    This is NOT a documentary about the war in Iraq. It’s a documentary about the people of Iraq and several U.S. Military personnel stationed there. There is combat footage, but it’s kept to a minimum. I think this is so it doesn’t over-shadow the point of the film. So if you’re looking for combat footage, look elsewhere. Thoughts: First and foremost, Mike Shiley is an idiot who is SO very lucky to even have survived this stunt. That being said, I admire his conviction to go through a very dangerous journey, and choices, to make his film. There is an under tow in his commentary that basically says that the Iraqi people were better before the United States became involved in liberating Iraq. He takes several opportunities to make “before” and “after” comparisons that point in this direction, but he doesn’t come right out and say it… he lets some Iraqi people do that for him. Sort of. Also, you don’t hear certain details that may have been left out about how the 300 people came to be allowed to use the bomb shelter they were in, you’re just given only the details he wants you to hear: like that the 294 people died and most were incinerated. Pan over the silhouettes of the people inside burned on the wall and graves outside the site of the bunker: queue the tears. It was hit with a bunker buster precision (most likely) laser guided bomb. I’m thinking the bunker was a military target due to who owned it. The people inside: collateral damage and nothing sinister in motive of bombing it. In a clear case of inexperience, I don’t think Mr. Shiley understands pro-active military thinking or wants to try understand it. It seems as though the Apache camera footage was totally misunderstood by him. His commentary about it was not of someone who realizes that men throwing weapons in a field, live weapons or not, get “smoked” so they can’t fight and possibly kill another day. If the man in the one truck was truly “innocent”, then what was he doing with other men who were disposing of spent weapons or distributing live weapons in that field? Just as “innocent” Iraqis have been caught in suppressive fire on buildings with insurgents firing on U.S. forces… you need to leave or not be in the building OR not get in the vehicle when your friend has to dispose of his spent RPG launcher in a field. I don’t mean this to say that innocent people don’t get killed in war and the subsequent occupation of a country, however, I would focus this kind of attention more towards the people who were shown as victims of Saddam’s massive landmine fields and less the U.S. military’s actions, when you're not qualified to evaluate what force is necessary to deal with a given operational situation, at a given moment. I do agree with him on the houses left on fire by the armor cavalry’s night ops… that shouldn’t happen and it shows apathy that could be a result of our military having been there too long… and that was in 2003. I wonder what apathy has been brought forth due to the fatigue of being there SO long since this film was made. However, I don’t think Mr. Shiley should be the one to go back and check.
  • Amateurish rubish

    By Doug1112111
    Interesting trailor teaser but the rest is of poor quality, made by someone with very little skill.
  • And the point is????

    By KLMcam
    I watched the entire movie from beginning to end with an open mind and can certainly appreciate what it is that Mike Shiley did however, there is nothing compelling about this film nor is it particularly insightful. It ultimately portrays our military in both good and bad ways and our government as the bad guy. I fail to see what good this film does for anyone, including the Iraqi people. As I watched, I felt as though I was listening to a whining tattle-tale complaining about what someone else was getting away with. There may be some interesting footage at times but for the most part it's not worth seeing unless you are really bored.
  • this is out side the wire stuff. take note CNN!

    By stsimons
    fairly balanced. he didnt lose the plot terribly. on occassion he didnt fully explain the bomb shelter victims. Why were they the ones allowed to use it? Bathist party family? This point should have been explored further. credit to the guy for going to get the real stories. good and bad. way better than our lame stream media too lazy to work for a story. This guy should go make more films. he's proven his passion.
  • uh, no thanks

    By huggies130
    I think the director actually wishes sadam was still in power. Its amazing that a country cant be perfect immediately after a war.