Byr Steven Soderbergh

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2000-12-27
  • Rate: R
  • Lenght: 2h 27min
  • Director: Steven Soderbergh
  • Producer: Bedford Falls Productions
  • Country: Germany, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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It's the high-stakes, high-risk world of the drug trade as seen through a well-blended mix of interrelated stories: a Mexican policeman (Benicio Del Toro) finds himself and his partner caught in an often deadly web of corruption; a pair of DEA agents (Don Cheadle and Luis Guzman) work undercover in a sordid and dangerous part of San Diego; a wealthy drug baron living in upscale, suburban America is arrested and learns how quickly his unknowing and pampered wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) takes over his business; and the U.S. President's new drug czar (Michael Douglas) must deal with his increasingly drug-addicted teenage daughter.



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    By ykvcrt bihcZ
    I vwQAwwuzctv🤐🎃🤕😺💩😯😑😯😭
  • Great movie

    By Tragic Quality
    Great movie'...period! One of the best ever made. That being said, don't buy it here. That is of course unless you want a movie that looks like you took a video using your old Nokia cellphone, of a video being played on an old VCR, which was a VCR copy that was from a tape you bought from some guy selling bootlegged movies out of the back of his car trunk, that were copied from an original version that was filmed using an old camcorder of the movie which had been playing on your grandma's old Zenith TV that was made of solid oak, weighed 200lbs, and had rabbit ears for an antenna. Honestly, if you put on a pair of coke bottle reading glasses and watched this version available here on iTunes, it actually might turn into an entirely different movie all together. Or maybe your eyes would "get stuck that way.". Or....well, you get the picture. The very blurry picture.
  • Must see

    By Chairlift 9-$&2
    You need to watch this movie.
  • Traffic ✈️ 🚘 🚚 🚔

    By Russ'sSis
    This is a favorite film of mine for several reasons: Steven Soderbergh's excellent direction, Benecio del Toro's, Michael Douglas', Don Cheadle's, and Catherine Zeta Jones' superlative performances, and a relevant storyline. The use of intertwining stories holds the viewer's interest. I have viewed this film several times and enjoy it each time that I do.
  • Great movie

    By Megalomaniac1973
    I thought everything about this movie was great except the color filters that were sometimes used for an artistic effect. Great casting, story, directing, pacing, and realism here. This is an interesting classic with lots of social/political relevance.
  • Loved it!

    By mik1urs
    I always love a good drug/crime movie and this one had it all!
  • Terrible Image Quality

    By makethings
    Traffic is an incredible film, but the image in this download is terrible. Everything looks blurry, the whole film feels like it's viewed through a blue filter, sound is flat. Don't get this.
  • Incredible movie, terrible transfer

    By fakehead
    One of my favorite movies but the transfer is terrible. You can see film artifacts and the sound is dull and un-even. It looks like they just dumped it straight from the film. Please do a remaster, this film deserves it.
  • Superb

    By Ortegae3
    File this one under "modern classics"!!

    By Person of Few Words
    A retelling of Pulp Fiction set to the drug war. What more needs to be said.