The Singing Revolution

The Singing Revolution

Byr Maureen Tusty & James Tusty

  • Genre: Music Documentaries
  • Release: 2009-02-03
  • Rate: NR
  • Lenght: 1h 37min
  • Director: Maureen Tusty & James Tusty
  • Producer: Allfilm
  • Country: United States of America, Estonia
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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Estonia's coveted position between Europe and Russia has lured wave after wave of occupiers. The nation's darkest chapter, though, dawned in 1939 with the arrival of the Soviets. It seemed this time that the Estonian nation might vanish completely; yet the Estonians waited, and fought, and sang, and ultimately, survived. "The Singing Revolution" narrates the remarkable story of this tiny nation's struggle for independence, illuminating how the Estonians kept their identity alive - even under the oppressive weight of the Iron Curtain - through a rich tradition of song. Here, people have joined voices for centuries, and their Laulupidu (immense song festival) offered glimmers of Estonian culture and connectedness in even the bleakest periods, proving to "The Singing People" that their national spirit still smoldered. When the Soviet nation finally began to crumble in the 1980s, the Estonians saw their opportunity: free speech became song, and song became a soaring anthem of independence. Dramatically capturing the spectacular beauty of Estonia and the overwhelming sea of people and sound that brought this nation together, "The Singing Revolution" celebrates a people who revolted with no weapons but their songs, no force but their unstoppable dream.



  • Very apropos for today!

    By emoore77
    I watched this movie last night because a friend sent it to me as a gift. It was very interesting to see what living under a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST oppressive regime is really like. I can't believe this happened during my lifetime and I did not know about it. These people endured and gained their freedom because they were unified and protested peacefully. Very inspiring and a must watch for anyone who thinks Socialism "wouldn't be so bad" and that Socialism doesn't result in a loss of personal Freedom.
  • The Singing Revolution is a must see movie!!!!

    By Tiff10
    The first time I saw or even heard of this movie was in my choir class and we were so moved by it that we pick all of our music for our next concert from the message in this movie. we picked songs that could change the world or that already have, and songs that have to do with freedom. The best part was for the finally we sang Mu Isamaa On Minu Arm (the main song from the movie). It was amazing I had chills!
  • Wonreful!

    By ElliotRF
    I downloaded this movie without really knowing what to expect. I was so moved and inspired by this story. The producers and director of this film did a wonderful job.