The Mirror Crack'd

The Mirror Crack'd

Byr Guy Hamilton

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release: 1980-12-19
  • Rate: PG
  • Lenght: 1h 45min
  • Director: Guy Hamilton
  • Producer: EMI Films
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • iTunes Price: USD 5.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
From 145 Certification


It's murder, movies and mayhem when two people are killed on a film set in England. Soon the grandmotherly amateur sleuth Miss Marple is called into action. With her nephew from Scotland Yard tagging along, Miss Marple assesses the suspects. The possibilities include Jason Rudd, the film's director; producer Marty Fenn; his actress/wife Lola Brewster; and Jason's wife Marina Rudd, who is Lola's antagonistic rival. Adding even more intrigue to the proceedings is the fact that Marina is recovering from a nervous breakdown -- and the incident that caused it just may be connected to the murders...



  • Great!

    By CroMags70
    It was great when i was an 11 year old and its still great today. If you dig a mystery, you'l totally dig this. Check it out!
  • The Mirror Crack"d

    By dancingdreamers
    This movie may appear dated, but if you like Agatha Christie, then this is a classic to watch! It has an all star cast - which really makes the movie........................I liked it..................very typical Agatha Christie.
  • Not the book.

    By Andrew Mours
    The only redeeming factor to this movie is the all-star cast. I was thrilled to find that Elizabeth Taylor was playing Marina Gregg. Her acting was fantastic, along with that of the majority of the cast. While Angela Lansbury is usually very good, she was not the right choice to play Miss Marple. The way she portrays the character is nothing like the character is written. That is the main dissapointment of this film. While some of the cast is great, those that play the characters that Agatha Christie's readers have come to love (Jane Marple, Dolly Bantry, Chief Inspector Craddock) are awful. Also the storyline is edited to where its confusing, and unlike the book. Several key elements were removed sloppily that left the watcher confused. When I saw this movie with friends that had not read the book, they had no idea what was going on at certain points. Again, this movie is not without its good points. But if you want a really good mystery, read the book.
  • no senor (thats spanish for no sir)

    By Unbiased...Mostly
    awful, don't buy this, its not worth the 3 bucks to rent either
  • Read the book

    By happynfree1954
    The book was good. This movie wasn't. Not only did the movie add foul language and situations, it didn't even make sense because of things that were left out. Just read the book. It's a lot more fun.