Blood & Chocolate

Blood & Chocolate

Byr Katja Von Garnier

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release: 2007-01-26
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 38min
  • Director: Katja Von Garnier
  • Producer: Daniel Bobker Productions
  • Country: Romania, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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"Blood and Chocolate" stars Agnes Bruckner ("24"), Hugh Dancy ("Basic Instinct 2,") and Olivier Martinez ("Taking Lives") and is directed by German independent film director Katja von Garnier ("Bandits"). The story takes place in modern day Bucharest and tells the tale of nineteen year old Vivian Gandillon (Bruckner), who has spent her life on the run from the truth... that she is a werewolf. Her affections for a visiting American artist threaten to expose her family's secret society.



  • Trash

    By Nita B Awesomw
    This movie was a total disappointment...It was nothing like the book, not even a little bit...
  • Story ruiner

    By okariko
    I love the book "Blood and Chocolate" so much, I have the re-read the book more than I can count - enough to where the book's binding is bent from being frequently used. I was interested at first with this movie to see how they portray the book and found myself unable to enjoy it. This film completely misses the important points written by Klause, many of which were events Vivian was pulled through between Aiden and Gabriel. Aiden's kisses were smooth and sweet like chocolate while Gabriel's kisses tasted of blood and of the woods. Vivian is forced to choose between what she might want to become and what she is, but the film never did emphasis those. Seems like the director of the film found only liking the idea of Vivian and Aiden together rather than to stay true to the novel. There were lines and events in the film that never did happen or were spoken in the book. The characters were out of character in this film and very untrue to their personality, wants, needs, etc. in the book. If you are a fan of the book, do NOT watch this film. Even if you have not read the book, you can tell there is this air of confusion among the store line and that the characters in the film are unsupportive to the story. I am shocked such a film was released and I am very sure Klause, author of “Blood and Chocolate”, had no say in the matter. It is unfortunate to see these types of films when a director totally destroys the appeal and likeness of a great book, for both book lovers and those who just want to enjoy a good movie with an interesting and unique story line.
  • Really it should just have a different name

    By jess4psych
    Seriously, all they had to do was change the title and the names of characters and I don't think anyone would have drawn conclusions back to the book. I love the book and I really liked the movie but It was like the screenwriter said what if this happened in the book instead of this... The movie has a great story but really other than some SMALL minor plot details nothing would suggest that the movie was based on the book.. more like borrowed a title and names and then decided it would be in a alternate reality from the book. Watch the movie first or be able to say that this the movie and the other was the book... one had a screenwriter who didn't read the whole book and the other was written by an incredible author.
  • ok .....but

    By awood08
    good but nothing like the book.
  • don't watch if you've already read the book

    By diannita23
    this is one of those movies you wished you hadn't read the book before watching the movie because the book was just so good and the movie was just so bad compared to the book. i may have enjoyed it if i didn't read the book before watching the movie but i did and hated what they did. the book showed a side a passion that i didn't know could exist and the movie didn't even hint towards it so yeah if you wanna watch don't read the book. other wise you'll just be pissed off
  • Yes

    By Rush J
    Awesome movie!
  • not a werewolf movie

    By devil's dog
    ok one the book is based on french legend of the loup-garu which is close to a werewolf except they turn into wolves completly partially or not at all, pluse they can chage on comand whenever and where ever they want unlike werewolves who are forced and can only change on a full moon. now i'm not saying i know everything on the matter but its what i know on the subject. all i was hoping was to clairefie the difference.
  • Doesn't Match the Book!!!!!!

    By brittanyfosberg
    It is a serious let down that this follows almost nothing along the plot line of the book! First of all, they live in AMERICA. Secondly, Vivian has tawny hair & is SEVENTEEN, not 19! As for the whole "werewolf" effect, they should've used some Twilight-type animation for the wolves. Don't get me wrong, I like LOVE the book, but I DO NOT reccomend the movie to anyone, for that matter.
  • Okay as just a movie, but bad as book to movie transaction.

    By halfflame
    When I first watched this movie, I kind of liked it... Then I read the book. As a movie in itself, it's okay, but it is not at all like the book. In fact, the only thing in common is a pack of "werewolves" who refer to themselves as "loups-garoux" and characters with similar names (pretty much just the names, age and personality are completely off). Oh, and the title, obviously. So if you are concidering watching this movie expecting to see a good book in movie format, do not pick this one. If you just want to see a werewolf movie that is semi-romantic, by all means go for it.
  • Wolves

    By Tahjee' 3
    Best movie based on werewolves ever