Curly Sue

Curly Sue

Por John Hughes

  • Genero: Comedy
  • Lançamento: 1991-12-12
  • Classificação: PG
  • Duração: 1h 42min
  • Diretor: John Hughes
  • Produtor: Hughes Entertainment
  • País de Produção: United States of America
  • Preço no iTunes: USD 9.99
  • Preço de aluguer no iTunes: USD 2.99
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Chicago. Another town, another innocent scam for vagabond Bill Dancer (Jim Belushi of K-9 and Red Heat) and the curly-topped orphan he's cared for since infancy. But this time, Bill hits the jackpot: his newest con whisks them both from the poorhouse to the penthouse with lots of laughs along the way. Nine-year-old Alisan Porter (Parenthood, Stella) teams with Belushi, taking the title role in John Hughes' comedy that charmed moviegoers from coast to coast. Kelly Lynch (Road House, Drugstore Cowboy) joins the heartwarming fun as an attorney who falls for their scheme and takes them home. It's a situation that seems too good to be true. And it turns topsy-turvy when Lynch's jealous boyfriend intervenes. Reviewer Pat Collins of WWOR-TV pronounced Curly Sue "the feel-good comedy of the season." But with Hughes' wisecracking wit and tender touch, it's really a prize entertainment for any season.