Team America: World Police

Team America: World Police

By Trey Parker

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2005-05-17
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 1h 37min
  • Director: Trey Parker
  • Production Company: Paramount
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: GBP 3.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
From 1,560 Ratings


From the creators of South Park comes an outrageous musical satire of big-budget action films in which freedom hangs by a thread. Team America is an international police force dedicated to maintaining global stability. When they learn of a power-hungry dictator brokering weapons of mass destruction to terrorists the heroes embark upon a harrowing mission to save the world.



  • Great movie, but not HD.

    By Yoshi The Wise
    I purchased the high definition version but this does not look HD at all. Just looks soft like standard def, so you might as well pay less for the standard def one in the first place.
  • Possibly the best film ever!!!

    By Black-Camel
    Ask yourself; why have you not seen this film?
  • This is the Censored version!

    By 79GB
    I bought this fantastic and hilarious film on iTunes so that I could have the digital version. Sadly this version sold by Apple is heavily censored and edited with many songs and many scenes shortened or removed entirely. Buy the original version on DVD instead.
  • Awesome but one thing…

    By Blueshoesand greenhair
    I love it but it has subtitles how do u get rid of them?
  • 5 star film, 1 star transfer.

    By BigMovieGeek
    I absolutely love this film. I can’t fault the content whatsoever. HOWEVER, Paramount have provided an absolutely shocking transfer of Team America here. For a film of it’s age, the picture should be pin sharp with vibrant colours. Instead, we’re given a soft image with poorly defined shadows and muted colours. Until a new transfer is provided, I would avoid.
  • Rip

    By angusc72
    Best Movie ever but coming out in 2004 and still costing £10
  • Not working

    By Dhshxkqdhj
    1st: it isn't working! And to the people saying its horrible and stupid... WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!?! Everyone knows what this film is about :P
  • Laughed so hard I cried

    By Akkiegirl
    I found this film hilarious so much so that I had to watch it holding my sides at times. Just as good on second viewing. If you love films that are so stupid they are great you will love this one too.
  • Rip Off

    By mathmacgeoch
    It's a whole lot of baloney, this is just a rip off of the amazing thunderbirds, but downgraded for americans to like.
  • Team America

    By Kim Jong Irr
    I watched ris firm expecting very rittle. Onry when I took a sry rook when the good rady wasnt rookin, did I find I was raffing our roud!! (PS. Not happy about the Orympic Frag).