Byr Chloé Zhao

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release: 2021-11-05
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 2h 36min
  • Director: Chloé Zhao
  • Producer: Marvel Studios
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
From 3,075 Certification


Marvel Studios’ Eternals follows a group of ancient heroes from beyond the stars who had protected the Earth since the dawn of man. When monstrous creatures called Deviants, long thought lost to history, mysteriously return, the Eternals are forced to reunite in order to defend humanity once again. Eternals features an outstanding ensemble cast. Included are Gemma Chan as humankind-loving Sersi, Richard Madden as the all-powerful Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani as cosmic-powered Kingo, Lia McHugh as Sprite, an eternally young old soul, and Brian Tyree Henry as intelligent inventor Phastos. Also starring are Lauren Ridloff as the super-fast Makkari, Barry Keoghan as aloof loner Druig, Don Lee as the all-powerful Gilgamesh, with Kit Harington as Dane Whitman, Salma Hayek as wise spiritual leader Ajak, and Angelina Jolie as the fierce warrior Thena. Chloé Zhao directs the film, and Kevin Feige and Nate Moore are the producers, with Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso and Kevin de la Noy serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Chloé Zhao and Chloé Zhao & Patrick Burleigh and Ryan Firpo & Kaz Firpo, from a screen story by Ryan Firpo & Kaz Firpo.



  • Melodramatic

    By Tyrannous
    They should figure out their personal problems then make a movie.
  • Does it’s own thing

    By MrTnyc
    Kind of independent of the rest of the MCU in many ways and not problematically so. Has its own tone, background, and for the most part independent of other movies’ plots and arcs. Would’ve been nice had the ethical debate regarding the celestial birth/sacrifice been more relevant; human characters were absent from that argument and the argument itself was too brief and narrow to be meaningful, especially given its weight on the characters’ interpersonal relationships.
  • Example #2,152…

    By bpowpow15
    GET WOKE, GO BROKE. This should be the updated version of the Golden Rule for the 21st Century…. Get Woke, Go Broke. So simple yet so true.
  • Boring vs Uninteresting

    By JonnyAndrews
    HUGE Marvel fan and for whatever reason the externals just didn’t capture my attention. Characters were flat, story was slow. Overall it was totally dull and uninteresting. Great effects!
  • Horrible

    By Tip2093
    They tried too harder with this film. You didn’t care about romances or people. Poor character development all around and boring except Jolie!! They should have made her lead because the main woman has no expression but one.
  • Fantastic

    By Trusttheprocess215
    People are upset because they think every movie needs to have tons of action and fighting. Real Marvel fans know that the story was great and I enjoyed it!
  • Eternals

    By Delvecchio1212
    The movie was just ok. Kind of boring.
  • A Movie Worth Watching!

    By Jay_anonuevo03
    Such an amazing movie! I can’t wait for the next installment!!
  • A tad bit long but it is really good

    By king_arthur513
    Honestly, just watched the film. It’s really great if you are aware of the comics.
  • Bad

    By Dahc45431
    Really bad