Byr Michael Almereyda

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release: 2020-08-21
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 42min
  • Director: Michael Almereyda
  • Producer: RNG Entertainment
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 6.99
From 80 Certification


Ethan Hawke stars as iconic inventor Nikola Tesla, fighting an uphill battle to bring his revolutionary electrical system to fruition. Increasingly displeased by the greed of fellow inventor Thomas Edison (Kyle MacLachlan), Tesla forges his own path toward creating the innovative alternate-current motor. In this playful and unconventional biopic director Michael Almereyda (The Experimenter, Marjorie Prime) weaves together a portrait of a rebel ahead of his time through all his controversies, legal battles, entrepreneurial clashes, and romantic interests. The profundity of his electrical mind is unearthed through this rediscovery of the development of electricity in the United States, ultimately posing existential questions about invention, industry, greed, love, and lightning.



  • Unwatchable

    By Lord_2020
    Really enjoy Hawk in past movies. Not this one.
  • Presents Non-Facts And Then Tells You They Weren't True

    By cimbaro
    This is a terrible documentary if you want to learn factual information about Tesla's life. You would actually know more if you skipped it. There is some factual information sprinkled (sparsely!) about, but this documentary in a couple places actually presents pure fiction that never occurred--and then tells you "This never happened." The worst of these is a scene where Edison meets Tesla to tell him that Tesla was right, and Edison was wrong, about the superiority of AC current. Oh, sorry--what we just showed you never occurred, so please forget what you just saw. I have NEVER seen a "documentary" do this before. It's a shame to see the lows to which Ethan Hawke has sunk. There is an entirely incongruous music video (I kid thee not!) toward the end of the movie, the purpose of which utterly baffles me. It just does not fit, and I can't imagine who could have conceivably come up with such a ludicrous idea. Look elsewhere for your factual (and nonmusical) information about this enigmatic inventor.
  • To Each His Own !

    By MBAware
    This movie, although it does highlight some of Tesla's real life circumstances as well as facets of his relationships with Edison, JP Morgan & daughter, in general... it does NOT do Tesla justice! The movie is marketed for public consumption, although it seems more like the puppets pandering to the puppeteers and a lot of: "So we can talk without talking." The problem is... the movie is the same old-same old silent comunications and persuasions, not so cleverly hidden in plain view. Ho-Hummm .. . ... ... ... ......
  • Wonderful movie, don’t believe the naysayers.

    By Emperor Robu
    The unintelligent individuals on here who clearly don’t know anything about Nikola Tesla would have you believe this is a horrible movie. When in fact it is quite imaginative, and pushes the points that Nikola Tesla had to deal with. From Thomas Edison, to JP Morgan. Nikola Tesla was let down by those who lack vision, just like by those who gave the 1 star reviews on here. If you like Nikola Tesla and want to learn about his relationship that he had with JP Morgan’s daughter, or about his assistant who decided to leave and do his own thing. Nikola Tesla lived a life that made all of this possible. Sadly, they never used his scalar technology. The world we could have lived in would have far surpassed the one we are in now, had those who lack the vision not impeded Nikola Tesla’s progress.
  • Just weird

    By RedboyPodcast
    Maybe we weren’t in the right frame of mind, but it was just strange
  • Shockingly Average

    By Devo9753
    Enjoyed the acting and Ethan Hawke played the part well...he really carried this poor script. Really hard to follow the storyline as it was full of gimicky neo-modern cinematic inserts to help us poor slobs identify with the movie? Painted stage sets add nothing to anything except distraction from the story. Often times I was confused as to whether I was watching a movie or a movie of a play. While I liked the movie generally, I felt like there was so much left to tell and wanted so much more.
  • What happened?

    By exmsft
    I’m not clear exactly what the intent of making this film was. Is it art house? It’s trippy, factually inaccurate and interpretive, and yet the fourth wall gets broken by a narrator whose relationship with Tesla is oversold, who ends up telling us a bunch of it never really happened that way. And then that ending... it feels like that ending was done on a dare. The acting was good. The “cinematography” was weird. It is quite inaccurate, and just strange. Not my cup of tea, although I enjoyed a moment here and there.
  • Tesla

    By I_Heart_T
    Don’t waste your money!
  • Just ok

    By stp2112
    I had high hopes always been fascinated with Tesla this movie was kind of weird hard to understand what he was saying and just ok
  • Better than a sleeping pill

    By fivetoes
    I should have read the reviews first. Well the reviewers that rates this “bio pic”with more than 1 Star or being to kind. Total waste of celluloid. Would have felt better had I just lost the money through a hole in the pocket than intentionally spent it on this insult to a man before his time. Certainly didn’t paint Thomas Edison in a great light either, wasn’t there but heard he was a real scoundrel.