Byr Tony Cervone

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release: 2020-05-15
  • Rate: PG
  • Lenght: 1h 33min
  • Director: Tony Cervone
  • Producer: Warner Animation Group
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 19.99
From 730 Certification


In Scooby-Doo's greatest adventure yet, see the never-before told story of how lifelong friends Scooby and Shaggy first met and how they joined forces with young detectives Fred, Velma and Daphne to form the famous Mystery Inc. Now, with hundreds of cases solved, Scooby and the gang face their biggest, toughest mystery ever: an evil plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this global “dogpocalypse,” the gang discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone ever imagined.



  • Captain Caveman!

    By Joonho24
    This boomerang is so rooock!
  • a good time

    By ralcantar99
    When I saw it for the first time I was disappointed but then after a rewatch I really Really Really Enjoyed it and Had a lot of fun watching it. The voice actors are good especially Amanda Seyfried, and the animation is extremely good, Definitely brings Nostalgia Memories when I watched Scooby Doo as Kid and I’m highly Satisfied. Hopefully Scoob 2 happens
  • Great animation, sort kinda weird

    By zzzzzxxvgccjutdxg
    The movie was.... good for kids who love animated movies, but bad for Hana Barbara lovers. Understand what your buying. I liked it though, sort of. Rent or buy at your own risk.
  • I love this movie

    By 2000002938465446372792938585
    Hey u r the best movie ever this is so cool
  • It was ok

    By Damaoshi
    I kinda like it. The animation looks good. The only complaint I have is that this movie focuses too much on a superhero story than a mystery story. But overall, it wasn’t too much an animated monstrosity.
  • Too Different

    By Lac619
    I love Scooby Doo but this one was just off. The new voices didn't even come close to the originals and while you can't always get that they were a distraction not an enhancement to the movie. The "conflict" within the Scooby Gang was more like the live action movies then the cartoons. Totally unclear why the addition of all the other Hanna Barbara characters. I also agree the full on talking Scooby was just wrong.
  • I’ll never watch it 😒

    By l love it but l want an update
    Rent by 20$ !!!you surely kidding me!!
  • SCOOB!

    By file haters
    The movie was great and we enjoyed it!
  • Going back to centuries and childhood

    By Icecicl
    First time I watched Scooby doo it was around in my Dads time I started watching it was when I was 3 years old then I begin watching which is Scooby doo zombie island then I watched Scooby doo the movie like the real life Characters instead cartoons but this man this is like 2020 film right here man I gotta thank Warner Bro’s for the time to make my childhood dream and memories happy
  • Horrible

    By clciychlchk
    Incomprehensible, dumb, and not worth anyone’s time. I want the 45 minutes back that I wasted watching the first half with my kids. First time we could not even get to the end.