Sea Fever

Sea Fever

Byr Neasa Hardiman

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release: 2020-04-10
  • Rate: NR
  • Lenght: 1h 34min
  • Director: Neasa Hardiman
  • Producer: Epic Pictures Group
  • Country: Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Sweden
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
From 34 Certification


Solitary marine biology student Siobhán endures a week on a ragged fishing trawler, where she’s miserably at odds with the close-knit crew. But out in the deep Atlantic, an unfathomable life form ensnares the boat. When members of the crew start succumbing to a strange infection, Siobhán must overcome her alienation and win the crew’s trust, before everyone is lost.



  • Dust put out a film worthy of a theatrical release

    By lofidelityrockr
    Given that most of the fare Dust is known for releasing is in bite-sized morsels for those of us with attention issues and not enough time to commit to more than 20 minutes of focus on a story, this one keeps your interest. The title to me doesn’t work, no matter how many times I mention it to friends to see this film, Sea Fever sounds weird. But the movie is far better than the title. I felt it started a little slow but then it builds and this is, by far, one of the better produced films Dust has stamped its name on. i hope to see more good full length features from them.
  • I want to cry!! Give me my money back!!!!!

    By mc hottie
    Low budget! It’s soooo bad that I want to cry! Not scary and not a thriller! Maybe a 2 year old won’t even get scared!
  • liked it

    By Volcogo
    Sad and scary is it alien or from this world?
  • Beautiful, but overall a little thin-scripted.

    By Kittysafe
    In movies where we come into contact with a creature that can kill us our recourse is to kill it first, but what if our first recourse was to return it to where it comes from and leave it alone? @SeaFever2 I thought this movie was beautiful, but overall a little thin-scripted.
  • Deep in the Abyss, a Strange Wonder Unfolds its Tentacles

    By Busta Cup
    Not a bad flick. How can you call this boring? What movie were all the haters watching? It's anything but dull, boring or slow. It is a bit like The Abyss, which it certainly took some inspiration from, but quite original at the same time. The young scientist knew a little too much to be conincidental. The tension was palpable throughout, mostly between the various crew members. I really liked that the production chose mostly unknown actors and actresses to star in this sci-fi flick. Good production values, good acting and very good directing. It also reminded me of "Life" with Jake Gyllanhall and Ryan Reynolds, oh and Rebecca Ferguson (a siren of the big screen, IMO). That movie was messed up and very scary. A lot of carnage for an ethereal alien creature, although this time in space. So, we got all our grounds covered here - in the ocean deep, on the Earth's soild and in the middle of our infinite outer space. A flesh eating parasite infecting humans is not my idea of an ideal sci-fi caricature, but Sea Fever stands on its own merits.
  • Waste of time and money.

    By Vvs66N
    The idea is good , the whole movie you expect some thing but it’s never happened.
  • Excellent Movie

    By MathOsGuru
    Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Enough blood, guts, and gore without going overboard to dummy down the storyline. Great acting, and the story flowed nicely. It was worth the watch. I bought the movie as opposed to renting it, and I have no complaints. Great movie imho.
  • Good movie.

    By virtualshift
    I thought the movie was definitely worth five bucks it was worth watching.
  • Quality is fine; would be a good movie but the ending stinks

    By Matt __ M
    Better than I expected given the love/hate overall soso reviews. I think the acting is pretty good, and it’s a gripping plot. I think so many ppl give it bad reviews cause they see the genre horror, and they’re expecting something more, but the genre applies to many different types of films. The ending was a little frustrating. (SPOILERS) The girl Siobhan or whatever is too cautious. Hospitals have protective measures for that sort of thing, and for all she knows, they could have previous experience w it and already have methods and procedures available! She’s stupid to sabotage the boat. Plus, they need to know about it so they can kill it! (I’m an animal lover and am disgusted by the way so many sea creatures are treated - sharks, lobsters, etc. but in this case, if that’s what it does, then I think it must be extinguished) And why did she want to give herself to it and drown?? And how do we know the rescue boat isn’t going to have the same fate??
  • Dumb

    By Hmfic 178IN
    Fell for the the fake high rating that came from rotten tomatoes. Terrible acting - Waste of money