The Fittest

The Fittest

Byr Heber Cannon & Marston Sawyers

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release: 2020-04-14
  • Rate: NR
  • Lenght: 1h 56min
  • Director: Heber Cannon & Marston Sawyers
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 4.99


In 2019 the fittest athletes on earth took on the unknown and unknowable during four intense days of competition at the CrossFit Games. "The Fittest " captures all the drama as chiseled athletes descend on Madison, Wisconsin, to face a series of trials. On top of the physical challenges, this year the sport grew from 40 men and women, to over 100 of each. But with this new format came cuts of the field, so for the final half of the weekend, only 10 men and 10 women move on to determine who is the fittest. The best among them enter the pantheon of CrossFit giants and earn the right to call themselves the "Fittest on Earth."



  • This is awesome but where is 2018?

    By bizarre88
    I know 2018 passed already and I know who the fittest that year were!! I know I know!! But if a documentary came out I will buy and watch it for sure!!!!
  • So good

    By agk227788
    Thank you buttery bros! I haven't watched it yet, but I know it’s going to be great!
  • So HYPED!!!

    By Jayjaythejetplaneme_irl
    Can’t wait for this release it’s going to be the best yet! Update: Finally watched about 5x already and I can't get enough. This has got to be the best one yet!
  • The fittest

    By anxiety attack
    Great documentary! Keeping us informed, motivated, and entertained. Super awesome they released it early due to pandemic!
  • I wanted to like it, but it was not good

    By Edie S.
    I have seen every other one of these and purchased them, but this one lacked a cohesive story. It got into far too much detail in random places with the filmmakers lives (about their jobs) but very light on the stories of the athletes. The struggles that the athletes face and what it takes to be great is why I started watching these to begin with. It showed a little with the focus on the harsh cuts, but that’s not a conflict that I thought was that interesting since there was no build up with any athlete that they really developed beforehand. When the cuts happened, I didn’t feel as invested since we didn’t really know how they got there. Training shots and the thrill of competition are great, but this one definitely lacked depth. I am a fan, but disappointed.
  • Perfect!

    By PammyDe
    This documentary perfectly captured the chaos and confusion assoicated with the changes to the Crossfit Games season. At the same time, it perfectly captured the excitment of the events, the emotions associated with movements on the leaderboard and the overall intensity of the competition. Will definitely be watching this one again!
  • Great movie

    By Earning coinsssssssssss
    It’s a must see!!! 😤😤🙆🏻‍♂️
  • Awesome Movie

    By Spitzer87
    Great music, several scenes gave me chills. I was tempted to give it 4 stars because of how much of the movie focuses on the negativity surrounding the 2019 games, but then I realized that it is a documentary, and it’s documenting exactly what the athletes went through, so the creators of this movie did their job well. The disappointing part of the 2019 games is that when you think about it, Rich Froning would not have won the 2014 games if they were set up the same way as the 2019 games, and that is absolutely ridiculous to think about.
  • So good!

    By Mada83
    Great work! Best one yet!
  • Awesome!

    By msandell01
    So good! Will probably watch over and over again! Keep the footage rollin!