MIB: International

MIB: International

Byr F. Gary Gray

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release: 2019-06-14
  • Rate: PG-13
  • Lenght: 1h 54min
  • Director: F. Gary Gray
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99


The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.


  • Dumpster fire

    By Bones2013
    The plot is not engaging. The dialogue is unimaginative. Helmsworth doesn’t do comedy well. Thompson’s role was predictable, and any passable actress could have adequately done the role. Neeson plays Neeson doing the role. Feels like a bad Walken impersonation. Not quite one star caliber, but probably killed the franchise.
  • Great fun!!!

    By Dougb69
    If you like MIB 1,2 & 3 you’ll love this. Greatly underrated and much much better than I expected and the cast was great. Really enjoyed this movie and it’s great fun. Reading the negative comments about this film and had to laugh at some of them. Ok get over it, it’s a movie it’s fun entertaining and just enjoyable.
  • Too ‘Alien’ating …

    By Mr reason
    There were some clever things in the original Men In Black movies— all of which are completely missing here. It’s as if someone with money purchased the rights to make this and hired an accountant to write the script. Had I known how vapid this was, I’d have paid money not to see it.
  • Should of thought it through

    By Kuchimanko
    I don’t think you made the best choice in actors not because they are bad at acting it’s just they were in the avengers and people still viewed them as who they’ve characterized the last few years not to mention they were also in space have seen the weirdest of creatures and yet now they serve the men and black???.....
  • No to the HELL No

    By Lebanese_prince
  • Let's put it off: The last MIB film you'll ever watch...willingly

    By JoeCoolRunnings
    I anticipated the injustice, the incompetence, and the straying nature of this so-called overdue sequel. First of all, if you're going to call it MIB: INTERNATIONAL, then be about it. GO INTERNATIONAL! Meet select MIB agents from various countries--India, Germany, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Zimbabwe, [South] Korea, France, Pakistan, Russia even. While at it, meet the extraterrestrial informants they (the global counterparts) have. But what do they do instead? Head to the UK and stop right there, the run through the Mideastern desert region notwithstanding. Second, the MIB may have its ranks and all; but it is still a squadron that works together. TOGETHER. And despite differences in personality and approach to the work. [Agents K and J (Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith) nail it; Agents H and M (Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson) do not.] Third, there is not now nor has there ever been anything new about women among the Men In Black. Don't agents L and O (Linda Fiorentino, Emma Thompson) ring a bell? Apparently, the "filmmakers" felt humble, capable women weren't enough. So enters proud, self-certain, motormouth show-off Agent M; a zealous opponent of "One Band, One Sound", Sci-fi chapter. [And one of many examples of Hollywood pandering and patronizing, by inflating womens' societal and personal roles and contributions. Claiming to do so in the name of equality.] Plus, the chemistry between the main players--and the believability thereof--is murky at best. All competition, no collaboration makes a dull, dull, DULL cast. This brings up a strategic question, and the fourth complaint: WHO HIRED THIS 'USE-THE-FORCE'-CHALLENGED CREW?! This story, this cast, these visual effects, all of it. It all ruins the ways in and out. Engagement and catharsis, that is. In sum, this shotty reboot only serves to make us, the audience, evermore grateful for the original film and its two sequels. (Any flaws in those notwithstanding.) So, sci-fi buffs and MIB enthusiasts, let's put it off. What, you ask? This fourth editon. The last MIB film you'll ever watch...willingly.
  • I am ready for my "eye exam" now.

    By windycityzenkane
    Listen up, movie fans! And MIB fans too! I know we are all excited about a new Men In Black adventure, not to mention seeing a female agent in action...and in the field. Me too. I just think that the producers and the writers went about it all wrong. That's all. What's wrong, you ask? Well, number one: NOBODY LOOKS FOR THE MIB! THE MIB LOOKS FOR YOU! As Agent O (Emma Thompson) says, "We don't hire. We recruit." [Spoiler alert!] OK. So maybe at some point in time, our newcomer would have been curious about what is out there in the universe. I see the logic in that, but who said she couldn't have joined NASA, or gotten really into science-fiction movies or shows. Or who said she could not have been neuralized when and if she encountered the MIB agents again during a 20-year grace period? Now, THERE is the mistake! The agents must always check the entire perimeter for witnesses! The MIB are mysterious, selective, and most of all careful in their selectivity and mystery. That's what made (and makes) the original movie so dang great! Number two: the buddy system is a must, and not just visually, but interpersonally as well. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were as different as can be, but they really pulled the most of their weight and put their best feet forward by collaborating and communicating with one another in their acting....You know! As though they needed each other. Somehow, in this movie, Agent T (Liam Neeson) and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) manage to touch a little on that aspect. Sad to say, it only went so far. What is more? I did not see nor feel that same chemistry between H and our newcomer, Agent M (Tessa Thompson). Instead, the two seemed to work apart from each other, as though they each were the only one there. Number three: As much as I hate to bring this up, there is the overall intent behind this fourth episode. Straight up political correctness! Now before you dismiss this review as the words of a he-man woman hating warthog, note this: A female agent in MIB is NO. NEW. THING. After Agent L in the original, I am totally for that! However, what was done here was obviously a pathetic and empty attempt to blot out certain societal shames that tragically have endured to today. Instead of a relatable, engaging, fun-to-get-to-know kind of character, Agent M is just another token...and another trope and cliche within and of herself. It is supposed the MIB changing M's life, but it's the other way around, which brings us the number four wrongdoing: EVERYTHING IS IN REVERSE! When you try to do everything you did before in reverse, you stray away from the goal that is cinematic creation, and original storytelling. However, there are a few redeeming qualities in this fourth episode. The original Danny Elfman score remains. As does executive producer Steven Speilberg. And I reiterate Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth's chemistry. And I include Emma Thompson as well. Those three give it all their loving with the little that they are given. These presences and qualities do not save the film from slacking off, but they make it watchable in spite of its unwatchability. Now that that's over, I am ready for my "eye exam" now.
  • Ugh

    By TrojanJon
    The movie was paid and made by the Communist China.....follow the money.
  • Horribly acted and ruins Men In Black

    By Nicholas becerra
    I liked the orignal Men In Black starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones because the original was soft but interesting sci-fi films of the century and Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith had good chimestry although the film is incredible chessy and stupid but manages to be entertaining, well-written sci-fi film. Men In Black International was a collaseel waste of time featuring none other than pretty boy Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson who previously starred in Taika Waititi's Thor Ragnarok in this film that have no good chimestry the film feels rushed and lame. The plot makes no sense, the magic from the 3 original Men In Black is wasted and far gone in this collassel disaster i want my money back.
  • Third times the charm I’ve reviewed

    By Zerowingx
    This is not a good movie, characters did not stand out, too much about gender inequality, not enough time to introduce the villain, I don’t hate the actors it’s script is trash, the only thing good about this film is kumail cgi character pawny, if he had made the kill shot to the boss fight and saved everyone I would have forgiven this films many many many flaws but no I sat in the theater for almost two hours with a face like this 😫& leaving like this😭🤬so please stop deleting this how else is anyone gonna know my thoughts on this film not even a movie I would call it . Don’t worry this film is not as bad as captain marvel or is it?