Byr Scott Cooper

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release: 2018-01-19
  • Rate: R
  • Lenght: 2h 14min
  • Director: Scott Cooper
  • Producer: Waypoint Entertainment
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 3.99
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Set in 1892, HOSTILES tells the story of a legendary Army Captain (Christian Bale), who, after stern resistance, reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief (Wes Studi) and his family back to tribal lands. Making the harrowing and perilous journey from Fort Berringer, an isolated Army outpost in New Mexico, to the grasslands of Montana, the former rivals encounter a young widow (Rosamund Pike) whose family was murdered on the plains. Together, they must join forces to overcome the punishing landscape, hostile Comanche, and vicious outliers that they encounter along the way.



  • Volume too low

    By donlc1972
    The movie is an excellent movie but here on iTunes it has no volume even with a Bluetooth speaker. Also it is in widescreen. I don’t recommend buying the movie here in iTunes.
  • Historically Inaccurate

    By wdmbell
    If you ever heard of Billy Dixon, don't waste your time. Could have been interesting, but it"s slow and totally off base. Don't watch it! 2 hours you ain't getting back.
  • One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen

    By Alan McRea
    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger waste of talent. A film with such actors as this, with a composer as this, should have been incredible, but instead you get a weird sort of uncomfortable movie done by a director who works like he’s making a first semester student film. It’s overly directed and acted in an attempt try and push some sort emotion, but to the point of comical. And along with the most awkward of editing and asinine lines of dialogue, it all felt like a 2 1/2 hour long cologne commercial with guns and mustaches. There was a good movie somewhere in there, but I hated almost every moment of it. It should have been written and directed by someone with skill.
  • Underrated

    By Jughea
    Fabulous movie.Dont know what is the matter with the fools on here giving a 1 Star.No brains I guess
  • Excellent Movie, Great Cast of Characters

    By SumYungGai
    The writer did an excellent job in creating a very emotional storyline, which takes you on a realistic journey into the soul of a man. From an unthinkable last assignment of escorting and releasing his most hated adversary (Chief Yellow Hawk) back to his native lands; saying goodbye to his closest friends and fellow soldiers along his journey; realizing just how much his life is intertwined with the life of the Chief; to a very intense and emotional release of anger as he eliminates the final obstacle in achievement of his mission. This has quickly become one of my favorite movies.
  • Absolutely beautiful and DARK!

    By Trotskii
    Superb all the way around, this is the story of one man's redemption as he faces one act of depravity after another. A word to the wise: It's extremely violent from the outset, and maintains a slow burn of intensity. Shot entirely on location, the photography is stunning. Christian Bale's performance is huge, and holds the sometimes incoherent script together. I won't spoil it for you, but there are several scenes that just make the hair on your arms stand straight up. But DEFINITELY don't come here looking for traditional western.
  • Heart thumping

    If you are a western film buff this will be a treat.

    By DJ Cordova
    superb acting. Outstanding scenery. Incredible score. I bought the soundtrack. Perfect. A drama must!
  • Great acting and cinematography but..

    By NJ23dub
    I enjoyed the movie and thought the acting was fantastic from everyone in it. The story has a few built in mini stories that leave it to you to interpret and assume which I like, but it makes the main plot get lost in the shuffle. Overall worth the time if you like this genre.
  • Two thumbs up!

    By Rarepossession84
    Best movie I have seen in 2018. Hands down.