Prince: Sign 'o' the Times

Prince: Sign 'o' the Times

Byr Prince

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release: 2017-12-19
  • Rate: Unrated
  • Lenght: 1h 24min
  • Director: Prince
  • Producer: Cineplex-Odeon Films
  • Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 8.99
  • iTunes Rent: USD 4.99
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A concert film with theatrical staging, featuring a live performance by Prince and his band.



  • It’s about Time!

    By Dharby66
    Long over due. Prince at the peak of his creative power! This is live footage from his Sign o the Times concert tour intercut with vignettes and scenes directed by Prince himself! A tour de force! If you never got to see him live this movie is for you and if you did then all the more. RIP Prince! Thanks for blowing our minds!
  • A Masterpiece and perfect companion...

    By Field-light
    to Purple Rain if you're jonesing for the best of Prince!!!
  • May U Live 2 C the Dawn....

    By turkish1970
    As a life long Foot Soldier of the FUNK; SOTT showcases Prince at the top of his creative and musical career. It was a steady climb up to this point (Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain); but with the release of SOTT Prince had finally reached the top. It was/is the exquisite summit of success so to speak. The SOTT album was by far Prince`s most introspective work and the SOTT concert movie goes hand in hand with the album. The “movie” itself showcases the high energy and tight musical choreography of every Prince concert. I was fortunate enough to see Prince in concert several times; and each show had one common thread that bind them all together: showmanship. Sign `o` the Times the Movie is a nonstop tour de force of the energy that Prince captured while on stage. He captivates you with each song, each note and each spin. This release is unique in that ,for the most part, the movie follows the theme of the album of which it was created from. The themes of love, loss and redemption are present throughout. Do urself a favor and set aside time to see one of the most prolific musical showmen of the 20th century captivate you with his magic. He won’t disappoint you.
  • Best Concert Ever!

    By Musicologist
    Finally “Sign o The Times” is available on iTunes though I have no idea why it’s classified as a documentary. This is definitely a Concert/Movie! I saw it in the movie theater in 1987 and I was mesmerized. I get the same feeling when I watch it today! It’s too bad that Prince didn’t bring the actual concert to he U.S. but I am totally satisfied with the movie that he made with staging and concert footage!

    By bigutefan
    I have been waiting forever for iTunes to add this to their library. This is PRINCE at his best, it is an amazing show. A song titled "FOREVER IN MY LIFE" is performed and it is stunning how magical and talented Prince is. The song was not a hit, but one of my all time favorites. I am thrilled to be able to buy this now and have it FOREVER IN MY LIFE!
  • Prince Raw

    By Seemo35
    Showcasing his art in an electrifying concert film. Outstanding showmanship and set; you will love this film both young and old fans. Long Live Prince
  • Amazing concert! Absolute must-have!

    By Ml2az
    So many amazing songs, unequaled non-stop dancing, everyone is at their absolute best. All around outstanding, unmatched performance... lead by the one and only, legend, icon, prodigy... PRINCE! O-(->💜🎧🎶💜
  • Need this in your Music / Video Collection

    By Mr. Percussion
    If you never seen him PERFORM on stage you need to see this One, Sign 'O'the time. Energy when he performs will get crowed going. Live with no prerecording fake microphone stuff. I'm Surprise NPG / Prince Family remastered concert video for iTunes HD now I can stop watcing it on VHS tape LOL, in future hope Family releases more concert videos from other countries Prince performed. Thnak You and Thank You again (RIP Prince) sometimes its snow in April Doctor Lock Preston
  • The greatest concert film I’ve ever seen!!

    By Dj Sci_Fi
    The title says it all. Prince, performing arguably his best work with a top notch band featuring Shelia E. & Cat. An Incredible show from start to finish. A must have for any Prince fan or music lover in general. #RIP Prince